General Questions

No, you can book your ultrasound directly without any sort of referral. If you have any concerns about your health, it can be useful to have scan results ready to discuss with your GP to reduce any waiting times. An ultrasound scan appointment with us can typically be booked quickly and allows enough time to ask questions too.

We will give you same day results in a written report with supporting images.  Your scan report will advise you if any.

further steps are necessary. And if we recommend a medical follow-up with your healthcare provider, we can securely email them a copy of your report with your approval at no extra cost.

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of inside of the body. The sound waves reflect off different areas in the body and are converted into a moving picture to show what’s happening in real-time.

An ultrasound scan can be external, which is when a probe is placed on the skin of the body part. Scans can also be internal when a probe is inserted into the body. Both types of scans produce the same type of image and mini clip.

Research suggests that there are no known risks to our method of ultrasound scanning. Scans are painless (although an internal scan may be slightly uncomfortable) and have no known side effects. Ultrasound scans do not use any form of ionising radiation, unlike other diagnostic imaging services such as x-rays.

We follow the British Medical Ultrasound Society’s guidance for the safe use of diagnostic ultrasound equipment.

Yes, it’s a good idea to bring your hospital notes with you if you have them. If your notes are online, make sure you can access them on your mobile device. Our sonographers then have access to them if we need to make an onward referral into the NHS.

If you don’t have any notes yet, you can still book a scan.

No, there is no upper weight limit that will prevent you from having an ultrasound scan. However, the image quality is negatively affected by an increased body mass index (BMI). This means that weight could contribute to difficulty securing clear images. Our sonographers will always do their best to get clear results for you.

The appointment time listed for each scan includes everything that happens at your appointment. You’ll arrive at reception and be greeted by our friendly clinic team and be asked a few questions regarding your scan and some of your details, then go in for your scan with the sonographer and sometimes a scan assistant. The actual scan time will vary and depends on the scan package you have booked. You’ll also be able to ask the sonographer any questions you might have before you leave the clinic. 


How can I provide feedback about my experience with the Baby Skan studio? 


Any feedback about your experience with Baby Skan can be sent directly via email to info@thebabyskanstudio.com 

 Children are most welcome to attend your scan appointment, but it does depend on the scan type. If you’re not sure, contact the clinic to check before your appointment. You can bring up to 5 guests (including children) to most scans. Just remember that children need to be kept calm, quiet and under control so you can enjoy your scan.

Yes, we have an online booking system (Fresha) 

Where you can book, reschedule your appointments 24hrs a day (If you would like to cancel then you can contact the clinic) 

Yes, when you use our online booking system it will ask you to confirm your booking by paying a 30% deposit which then gets deducted from your scan total.

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